Farm, rural and garden pests including moles, birds and rabbits can be controlled on either a one off basis (when the damage becomes unacceptable) or on a contractual basis, where a fixed number of hours per month are arranged in advance to keep pest levels to a minimum throughout the year.

I have worked in the pest control industry for over 25 years, I am a supporter of the campaign for responsible rodenticide use (CRRU) and I also hold several qualifications including a Diploma 1 BPCA certificate in pest control, PA1 and PA6, for agricultural Knapsack sprayer use. I provide both one off and ongoing rodenticide treatments in and around buildings within the new SGARS (second generation anticoagulant rodenticide) stewardship regime.

I also provide both one off mole clearances and ongoing mole control agreements.

As I’m sure your aware pest control and the paper trail involved is a vital part of modern farming, listed below are quotes from some of the schemes you may be familiar with;

  • British Retail Consortium Global Standards Guidelines – Pest Control

“The company shall be responsible for minimising the risk of pest infestation on site”

“Controls shall be in place to prevent actual or potential infestation and the resulting contamination from rodents, flying and crawling insects, birds and other pests”

  • Assured Combinable Crops Scheme Standards

“There must be an effective pest control system … Action must be taken to prevent bird, rodent and domestic animal entry to all long-term grain storage”

  • Assured Chicken Productions – Poultry Standards

“Pest control must be carried out by a licensed contractor or a properly trained operative with a knowledge of pesticides and their placement … Pest control must make provision for the control of rodents, flies and parasites”

  • Assured British Meats – Beef and Lamb Standards

“Measures must be taken to ensure that rodents, other pests … and birds are controlled”

  • National Dairy Farm Assured Scheme – Hygiene and Food Standards

“The dairy must be free from birds, vermin, cats and dogs”

“The milking parlour should have measures in place to control birds, vermin, cats and dogs”

A full report including all relevant information is provided as standard providing a paper trail to help pass that vital audit.